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Haunted When It Rains

I said to my soul, be still, and let the dark come upon you...

as in a theater,

the lights are extinguished

For the scene to be changed

With a hollow rumble of wings,

With a movement of darkness on darkness...


...So the darkness shall be the light

And the stillness the dancing...


---T. S. Eliot



Haunted When It Rains was performed April 15, 2004 at the Digital Arts Ranch, Arizona State University.



Miranda Zent:  Scripting,      Conceptualization, staging

Todd Spencer:  Audio design

John Tang:  Digital imaging


Project Directors:

David Birchfield (AME)

Loren Olson (AME)

Oscar Giner (ASU Theater)


Haunted When It Rains  is a mediated theater event exploring the possibilities technology provides to expand the performance of myth.  Inspired by the Victorian Sťance, Haunted seeks to stage a realm of vision, interacting with technology to manifest a performance present with ghosts and persistent memories.











Photograph by David Lorig



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