GameBot @ the Arizona Science Center :: April 2009
In the GameBot exhibition, humans and robots to come together for interactive game-play that explores the social, technological, and sustainability dimensions of robotics. Teams of artists, game-designers and scientists from Arizona and beyond have collaborated to create three new GameBot pieces that were unveiled at the exhibition.

Friday April 24 – Sunday April 26, 2009 at the the Arizona Science Center

13,000 visitors experienced GameBot during the 3-day exhibition!

Fluid Interaction
by David Birchfield, Aaron Cuthbertson

This game is inspired by current Arizona water conservation issues. Players work with one another and a robot partner to balance resources and demand in a shifting landscape. Fling water particles to supply water consumers, grab waste water particles, build flow canals, conserve water in reservoirs, and race the clock to reach equilibrium before time runs out!

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Stick Ball
by Cristóbal Martínez, Randy Kemp, Raven Kemp, Gkisedtanamoogk

Stick Ball is the Native American game that Lacrosse is derived from. This GameBot version of Stickball is officiated by interactive robots, and is designed by indigenous artists to explore the meaning of digital and robotic technology in the context of tribal life.

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by Katie Salen, Mike Edwards, Kyle Li, Claudio Midolo

Chaos reigns in the dark reaches of the universe! Your spaceship has wandered into a hive of space hornets. Repel the angry insects with your energy wand and use the tractor beam to pull the ship to safety.

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GameBot is generously supported by Future Arts Research at Arizona State University.
photo(s) courtesy of David Birchfield, Christopher Martinez, Claudio Midolo, Jay Hardin © 2009