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The humanist concerns of the motione project facilitate human-centric evolution of the involved media technologies allowing for the natural integration of such technologies in our lives. They are supporting the development of interactive systems for communication, movement rehabilitation, K-12 education and movement training.

The motion analysis tools that are being developed can form the base for further research for the development of user-friendly dance analysis, dance scripting and dance education tools.

IREMA/AME, in collaboration with Motion Analysis Corporation and through the partial support of the NSF CISE RI grant will also be investigating the development of simpler, more affordable motion capture and analysis systems that can be easily purchased by schools and art studios interested in hybrid physical-digital arts training.


A team of experts is documenting the development of the motione and creating a documentation web site. The documentation web site in its final form will have a parallel structure to the structure of the project. It will be a network of nodes with each participant or concept or area of expertise being treated as a node. The hyper links between the nodes will reflect the strengths of the links between the actual nodes of the project network. The users possible paths through the website will be influenced by the strength of the connections between the nodes.


An annotated and indexed database comprising of all motion captured data and corresponding and cross-referenced video captures is being created. Part of the database will be available on-line for research (non-commercial) and educational use.



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