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Touring the works

The artworks of motione will become part of the touring repertory of the participating dance companies and of the presentation activities of the visual artists and composers. ASUPE is working with other major presenters to organize a series of presentations of the artworks produced by motione. The aim is for these presentations to be placed in a larger context of investigating the integration of physical-digital art works in the traditional world of presenting.

Paper publications

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T. Ingalls, T. Rikakis, J. James, G. Qian, L. Olson, F. Guo, S. Wong, "A Movement Recognition Engine for the Development of Interactive Multimedia Works," Arts, Media, and Engineering Program Arizona State University.


The introduction of K-12 public school students and teachers to state of the art dance and technology tools, research and creation

Throughout the development of the project, ASU Public Events through its community outreach programs, in collaboration with AME brought groups of K-12 students and teachers for daylong workshops at the University. They were introduced to the project, exposed to the development and creation process. Children had the opportunity to create a multimedia, interactive dance using the system. All children and teachers will attend the dress-rehearsal of the premiere of the project.



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