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Supporting large scale, long term research and creation projects: academia, industry and government support (the NEA and NSF grants)

Projects like motione and the creation of the resulting art works require large collaborative teams and high-end infrastructure. The teams must be given the opportunity to work together over a considerable amount of time in an environment that has the necessary technological infrastructure in terms of equipment, facilities and personnel. The motionedancer project has been under development for close to 3 years.

Academia (Arizona State University) can provide part of the infrastructure and support the participation of University based scientists and artists in the project. However, the cost of high-end scientific research (like research in real time motion analysis) cannot be covered solely by academia. Support of industry and government organizations is also necessary. The National Science Foundation CISE RI grant received by AME shows that the scientific community is beginning to recognize and support a role for the arts in the development of science in general and in the development of human centric technologies and digital media in specific. The support of motione by Motion Analysis Corporation shows that forward thinking commercial companies see the benefits of incorporating the arts in the development of media technologies.

However, for the results of this research to be integrated into the professional arts community and for the research to benefit from the artistic maturity of professional artists, it is necessary to also find avenues to support the long-term participation of professional, non-University based artists in such projects. The substantial National Endowment for the Arts grant received by AME for the motione project supported, in part, the participation of two major dance companies: Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company and Trisha Brown Dance Company; three guest visual artists: Paul Kaiser, Shelley Eshkar and Marc Downie; two guest composers: Roger Reynolds and Curtis Bahn;and one guest lighting designer: Robert Weirzel; for the project.



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