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computer screens

research: creating collaborative art
Interactive, multimodal art
putting together a team
aesthetic coherence
supporting long term research

The overall process and guiding principles

dacner poseThe process for the creation of each piece begins with the establishment of the central idea of the piece and of the movement vocabulary and syntax that will be used to communicate the idea. Motion analysis algorithms aredancer_data developed that allow computers to extract and recognize these vocabularies and syntax in real time.

At the same time the sound and image vocabularies of the piece are developed and the team decides on the possible interrelationships of the movement, sound and image vocabularies.


dancer and mediaThe two driving criteria throughout the process are:

a) creation of an engaging, immersive, poetic hybrid physical digital experience
b) aesthetic and structural integration of all contributing elements at all levels of the piece, from manifestation, to form and semantics



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