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grid picture Physical/Digital divide in art
Physical/Digital divide in life
art as a contemplative mirror

Art as a contemplative mirror of contemporary life

greek playHistorically, the arts have been crucial in allowing civilizations to experience truths about their state and thus acquire self-knowledge.

picaso paintingFrom the ancient times until recently the arts have been described as functioning as a mirror of life. The arts have been the explorer of the future and the unknown, preparing the ground for the future to become the present.

davinci sketchArt has the ability to create formalized, controlled representations of life. It represents the ideal testing ground for the exploration of emerging, complex concepts like the creation of integrated physical-digital experiences.

architectureThe arts in the Rennaisance helped shape structural decisions for a humanistic, man-made physical world.


La Geode
Similarly, today, the arts can help shape the design of a humanistic, hybrid physical-digital world.



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