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Gang Qian, motion analysis, AME
Gang Qian joined the Arts, Media and Engineering Program as an assistant professor in August 2003. Previously he worked as a faculty research assistant and research associate in the Center for Automation Research at the University of Maryland Institute for Advance Computer Studies. He received a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 1995, and a master’s of science degree and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1999 and 2002 respectively. His research interests include human motion analysis, signal and image processing, computer vision, statistical learning and inference.

Todd Ingalls, interactive motion capture, AME
Todd Ingalls is a composer and computer artist who has been working with interactive performance and installations for the past several years. He is an active researcher with many of the ongoing research projects at AME including Immersive Multimedia Environments, Motion Sensing and Analysis, Audio Sensing and Smart Microphone Arrays, and Biofeedback for Rehabilitation. He is also a participating faculty for the NSF CISE RI grant: An Interdisciplinary Research Environment for Motion Analysis and an investigator on the NEA Technology: Resources for Change motione grant.

In addition to teaching and research, Todd also manages AME's Motion Analysis Lab/Intelligent Stage, a real-time motion capture and sensing space for multimedia environments. His work has been performed internationally at SPIELART Theater Festival (Munich), VIA festival (Maubeuge), International Festival of Movement Arts (Bangalore), Cutting Edge Festival (Darmstadt), Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, and the Donaueschinger Musiktage, among others.

Jodi James, motion analysis, AME
Jodi James received a bachelor’s of art degree in dance performance/choreography and a bachelor’s of science degree in physics/engineering in 1997 from Hope College in Michigan. She also has studied biomedical engineering and holds a MA in dance kinesiology from the University of Utah. She joined the AME program in 2003 as a lecturer in dance, computation and digital media. James assists motion analysis researchers at AME through dance movement using markers and sensing technology for the purpose of real-time motion capture of choreography.

Sheilah Britton, project manager, AME
Sheilah Britton is an award-winning writer, director and producer who has worked in video for the past 20 years, including 14 years with the PBS affiliate in Phoenix. She is Assistant Director for Programming and Production for the Arts, Media and Engineering Program. She co-edited with Dan Collins The Eighth Day: The Transgenic Art of Eduardo Kac, available through Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. Her awards include three Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards, two Corporation for Public Broadcasting Awards, and a Copper Quill Award for feature writing.

Kelly Phillips, technical director, AME
Kelly Phillips is trained in traditional theatrical design and production, which she has enjoyed augmenting with research into new media and performance technologies and techniques. She has been a member of the production staff for nine years and previously was the technical director for the performance space at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Loren Olson, research technologist, AME
Loren Olson is an Associate Research Technologist for Multimedia in the Arts, Media and Engineering Program at Arizona State University. Before joining the AME program, Loren spent the previous 14 years creating animation and effects for film and television. Working as an animator and technical director, he has created imagery for projects ranging from feature films to commercial television spots, direct to home video childrens' programs and television show opens. His awards include eight Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards.
Loren has also been a tool maker, producing software to aid in animation production. He has created tools for all parts of the animation pipeline, as well as modeling, animation and custom rendering sytems. His software has been used for custom in-house productions and distributed worldwide by SGI and Abekas Video Systems (the A60 and A65 disk recorder control panel software) and Wavefront Technologies (the medit3d texture editor).

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